Dinner With Kecak


The Kecak dance, ( pronounced ` ketchak`), is perhaps the most stunning of all the Balinese dances, despite its comparative simplicity. Up to one hundred or more men, bare from the waist up, form a living backdrop and simultaneous orchestration for the enaction of an episode from the Ramayana.

The name of the dance is derived from the `chak-chak` sounds that emanate in syncopated rhythm from the ‘singing’ of the spirits in the ritual Sanghyang trance ceremony.

A choreography based upon the coordination of movements of the head, seated on the ground in a circular patter, transforms the entire stage into a swaying, living, flower-like configuration.

In the midst of this melee, the dancers enacting the story sway and leap by torchlight, whilst a story teller chants the story enacted. Regular performances of the kecak dance are held in Bakau Rooftop Bayclub – Nusa Dua. Every 28th Day Every Month in the evenings Start at 06:00 PM Onward , and the opportunity to witness this unique dance should not be missed.


Price per person Rp.250,000.00